Shane and Shine’s Birthday Party!!

I cannot wait to share this sponsored post with you!

Planning a toddler birthday party can be a big stress! That is why I am so grateful for Paulette’s Princess Parties for taking the stress out of planning Shane and Shine’s birthday party this year!! It all went so smoothly and the planning could not have been easier. All I had to do was pick a date, time, send out invites, choose the characters we wanted and bring a cake!

We decided to go with Spider Man and Rapunzel for our theme. Shane has been obsessed with Spider Man lately, he might even think he is turning into Spider Man. Shine has always been obsessed with all things princesses, so I knew they would love it!!

When the party day arrived we simply just showed up with our kids and my homemade vegan cupcakes (I’ll get the super easy recipe up soon) 15 minutes before the party began. Upon arrival everything was set up from Rapunzel’s tower to the themed table!!

My kids were so thrilled when they saw it all! Paulette has them kick off the party by inviting their guests inside! Once everyone was inside the children knocked on Rapunzel’s tower to find her and her long hair inside!! The kids enjoyed story time, singing and dancing with Rapunzel! Shine might have been a little too excited with Rapunzel being there! She gave her hugs and kisses about every 3 seconds.

After hanging out with Rapunzel for awhile in swung Spider Man! I think the kids really enjoyed how Spider Man and Rapunzel interacted with each other! Spider Man taught them all how to be a super hero and shoot webs!

All the kids received a crown or a super hero mask and got the chance to walk the red carpet! It made them feel super special. After awhile Rapunzel got a call from her friend Pascuel saying that he needed her (such a cute way for her to exit the party).

Halfway through the party and it was craft time, with the option to color flowers or color web shooters. Again, this was all set up by Paulette’s Princess Parties and very well organized. Spider Man participated with the crafts while Paulette did the girls makeup, including sparklers in their hair, one at a time!

There was a even a closet full of Princess dresses for the girls to choose from and wear! When Paulette revealed all the dresses to Shine her face was priceless! The kids had a dance party and learned some new awesome moves with spider man!!

Finally, it was time to sing happy birthday and eat some cupcakes!! The kids all enjoyed the cups cakes neatly placed on a beautiful table decorated with colors of Spidey and Rapunzel! Spider Man then received a call that he had to go save the world again, so it was time to say bye to the web slinger.

After the party I simply took my leftover cupcakes and my kids presents! I didn’t have any clean up to do. It was all made so simple!

I have a feeling my kids will be talking about this party for a very long time!! Thank you Paulettes Princess Parties for hosting us!!

If you want an easy magical birthday for your kids then look no further then Paulettes Princess Palace!! Also, make sure check out other special events like the upcoming Frozen Princess Holiday ball, including Ana and Elsa in their new Frozen II costumes!!!!

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  • Gigi

    Wonderful picture, everything looks so special. The party sounds very special, and I’m sure any child would just love such a great party!!!!!

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