Four reason to use green cleaning products!

This post is sponsored by Premier Surfaces but as always the opinions and ideas are my own.

Going green is not just about recycling a few products here and there. It really is a lifestyle choice. That isn’t to say that you should give yourself a hard time if you are not composting your food but it’s more about looking at your mentality on how you can help save the planet not just for yourself, but for your kids and their kids years down the road. Your choice to help our planet as a consumer can impact the world around you with just a few small changes. 

For starters, going green is not about purchasing the super expensive items, nor is it extremely time consuming. It’s rather using renewable resources that can be more cost effective for your family! Using many eco-friendly cleaning products are one of the best ways to work with the environment instead of against it. Going green cleaning can help lessen air pollution, fight climate change and our water. Below are a few reasons why using natural cleaning products can benefit you, your loved ones and your friends.

1.Cost Effective – As I stated before, going green is not about purchasing extremely expensive products. Making your own can actually be a simple and easier way to help your home and your wallet. Certain agents such as vinegar and baking soda are two popular pantry options to help you as well as olive oil, lemon and citric acid all of which can help as a cleaning product ( and half the cost ). The best part is you probably have several of these items already in your pantry so you’re all set to start making them. 

2.No More Health Concerns – This is a healthier option for you, your loved ones and the earth so not only will it help you sleep better at night knowing that you are doing your part to keep things as they should be, but also making a healthy home. It’s a win win am I right? The best part about it being healthier for you is that you aren’t breathing in anymore chemicals. Your indoor air quality helps to contribute to health risks such as skin irritations, eye and respiratory infections or chemical poisoning. 

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3.Better For You Products– The effects of using clean products last so much longer not just for you to use them but also on your products as well. Take for example your countertops. We recently just found some of our favorite countertops at Premier Surfaces. They have several showrooms all across the United States and helped pick out our favorite ones; the cambria color countertops. We loved the Brittanicca is a quartz countertop that really does make a powerful statement with it’s large deep veining. It’s the perfect kitchen island of white that makes a great accented statement with our brown cabinetry. But back to talking about using clean products using harsh chemicals on your countertops can affect the texture and life of most household items. Using the green cleaning products you can ensure that you are maintaining a longevity of your belongings every single time you use them. 

4.Pleasant Smell – Obviously sharing this again but one of the best reasons to use natural cleaning products is the overall smell it gives within your home! Does anyone really love the smell of their bleach ammonia?! Of course not! Forget those and start creating your own or buying green instead. A way to help with making your own is purchasing essential oils or young living oils to give your own scent to the product. Think of using a thieves scent ( which is more cinnamon ) in your bathroom or putting a few lavender drops in your bottle to wipe your windows down. Plus, having this smell within your kids bedroom could help them fall asleep quicker as it’s soothing and calming to them to breathe in. 

Now that you’ve learned a few great reasons to start using natural cleaning products, what else do you need to start convincing your and your family to use them? What about safety? Having young children in the home, it only makes sense to use these products that are not poisoning hazards. Plus, it can be a great learning experience for your children to watch you make so not only are they also helping the enviornment but it’s a great conversation starter to share the importance of helping our planet together as a family. Overall, these natural cleaner products will help transform the way you look, clean and view how we treat our planet. Share some other ideas you have in the comments below! 


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