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My Favorite Norwex Products!!

I have always used green products in my house. The smell of windex makes me sick, I can barely even walk down the cleaning product isles at the grocery store. But I didn’t discover Norwex until about 18 months ago. I am not kidding when I say it has changed my life.

A year and a half ago when I moved into my house my neighbor invited me to a Norwex party. Now I have been to many different product parties, so I figured I would go maybe buy one item just to be nice and never look back. Boy was I wrong.

At the party I saw how wonderful the cleaning products they had to offer but I was still a little unsure but I ordered an enviro cloth, a window cloth and a body cloth. Since then I hosted my own Norwex party, ordered many more products and I use Norwex everyday!

So here are my favorite products and how I use them

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1. Enviro Cloth

This little cloth is a power house! It has made my cleaning routine so fast, efficient and much less wasteful! The fact that I can clean with water and this cloth has saved me money! I don’t have to buy a new bottle of cleaning spray every 2 weeks!

And let me tell you this baby can clean!! You can use it to clean your counter tops, your bathrooms, your windows (paired with the window cloth) and I have even gotten red wine stains out of my carpet with it! It’s simply amazing!

2. Window Cloth

This pairs wonderfully with the enviro cloth. Whenever I clean my windows with my e cloth I simply follow with the window cloth and my windows look shiny and clean! It’s also great on stainless steal appliances and anything you want to shine!

3. Body Cloth

Now this might sound crazy but this cloth has eliminated my need for body wash and makeup remover! It can remover waterproof mascara wonderfully and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. And once you replace your body wash with this cloth you will find that using soap is drying out your skin and weighing you down!

4. Netted Dish Cloth

I never thought I could love a dish cloth but here I am telling you that I love this dish cloth! You that horrible smell that your dish cloth gets after just a day or 2? That doesn’t happen with this one! It’s truly amazing! And it scrubs dishes so well!

5. Cleaning paste

Ok so this stuff is a little pricy at $29.99 but I have had mine for 18 months and still have more then half left and that’s not because I don’t use it. My stove top always looks amazing because of this powerhouse! Worth every penny!!

6. Norwex mop

Before I got my Norwex mop I had a steam mop. I liked it but I didn’t love it. This mop I love it is so simple! You just wet the mop pad, mop, and then hang the pad up to dry. After a few uses you can simply throw it in the wash along with almost all your other Norwex products! It kind of like a swifter mop but much less wasteful!

7. Cloth napkins

I have 2 packs of these cloth napkins. It seems to be the prefect amount to always have some clean and some in the wash. I keep a small bin in my kitchen to put the dirty napkins in and throw them in the wash every few days!

Well there you have it, my favorite Norwex products! I am excited to try new ones! I saw they came out with a pillow case I think that might be my next Norwex purchase! If you are new to Norwex this is a great package to start with!

Here is a link to purchase my favorite Norwex products!!

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