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7 Ways I’m Going Green in 2019

Now that we are getting settled into the new year I figured I would share some of my favorite ways to go green in 2019! Being more green was one of my New Years resolutions this year, and I must say it’s going well! Can you believe it’s almost April?!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link I may earn a commission. I would never put anything on my blog I did not believe to be a great product.

1. Going Vegan!!!-

I have been vegan for quite sometime now but this is the number one way to go green and help our earth! So if you haven’t made the switch yet watch Cowspiracy and learn how much of a difference it can make!

2. Metal straws-

Plastic straws are causing problems, along with all the other plastic, in our oceans. I carry these ones with me everywhere so I always have them at restaurants.

3. Reusable Produce Bags-

Most people have started brings their own bags to the grocery store witch is so great!! If you want to take it one step further get these reusable/washable produce bags.

4.Reusable napkins-

I will admit that at first I didn’t love the idea of more laundry but they are so small it’s not much work. I have Nowex reusable napkins and I love them!! They may seem a little pricey but you will save money in the long run! And the earth too!!!! TIP- I keep a small bin in kitchen for my family to put their used napkins. I found these ones on Amazon, however I have only used the Nowex ones.

5. Reusable water bottle/cup-

Now that I made the switch to my water cup I feel really bad about the plastic water bottles I have used, I drink a lot of water! I got straw cup that I love! It’s also nice to have one like this that you can throw in your purse or diaper bag!

6. Norwex Cleaning Products

It’s really crazy all the toxic ingredients that are in all the cleaning products out there. Using Norwex cleaning products have not just saved me money on cleaning products but I have saved lots of time. Its great to have cleaning products that you can feel safe about your kids using! I seriously love all things Nowex! Check out my post on my favorite Norwex products!


I started composting about 6 months ago. I have this compost bin ,but I want to get a bigger one like this.  You can also just do it in a big bin, however I do like to be able to easily spin mine. Composting is great because it creates less waste and gives you great fertilizer to buy on you garden or vegetable garden!!

I hope you got some good ideas from my list. I would love to hear your favorite ways to stay green. Share in the comments below.

How are your New Years Resolutions going so far?!

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