Disney World With Vegan Toddlers

Taking my children to Disney World to experience magic has always been a dream of mine. I was not going to let being a vegan family hold us back from my dream!

I believe that vegan children should never have to miss out on great experiences in life. That includes eating ice cream on Main Street USA!! So today I am sharing how we enjoyed every bit of Disney world fun with 2 vegan toddlers!

The first tip I have is to stay offsite. We have done both and I have found that with a vegan diet you are better off to rent a house or condo with a kitchen.

This way you can either rent a car and go to Publix’s or Whole Foods, or you can get groceries delivered to you. This will save you money and make it possible to have some of you toddlers favorite comfort food available to you.

My next tip is to pack a lot of snacks for park days. Disney world allows you to bring food and drink into the park. We typically will pack a big diaper bag full of lots of healthy snack and water. We also include a few not so healthy snacks incase of meltdowns in long lines. If you need snack ideas check out my post on 9 Best Road Trip Snacks for Vegan Kids.

Don’t worry there are lots of yummy snacks you can buy in the park as well!! Soft pretzels are a favorite of my toddlers and luckily the soft pretzels at Disney are vegan as is! Some other vegan snacks include popcorn, dole whip and tofutti ice cream at the Plaza ice parlor!

Shine enjoying tofutti ice dream from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Disney does it’s best to accommodate any special diet. When you arrive at a Disney World restaurant let them know that you are vegan. If it’s a quick service restaurant they will have a book to show you what can be made vegan. If it’s a table service restaurant they will usually have a chef come talk to you about your options.

I will say that as an adult you will not always be offered the most amazing meal. However I have had a few wonderful vegan meals at Disney world restaurants. As far as toddler meals their is typically something that will make a vegan toddler happy. Many restaurants even have earth balance and vegan bread for something simple like toast.

We try to keep it simple and go to the same few restaurants when eating at the parks. Magic Kingdom has a quick service restaurant Peck Bills Tall Tale Inn and Cafe that has some good vegan options. They have a burger that is vegan as is. The vegan cheese is a little spicy so order it without if your kids don’t like spicy. We also ordered a side of rice, black beans, guacamole and a few tortillas. They have a topping bar and you can put together some pretty good tacos this way.

The best table service restaurant at magic kingdom that we have tired so far is Jungle Skipper Canteen Restaurant, you will need a reservation for this. They have a great kids meal Congo Connie’s Coconut-curry Concoction. It has tofu that my kids loved and comes with two sides. We got broccoli and fries (not on the menu but available) the kids ate a lot. We also got the falafel appetizer that was enjoy by my kids, my husband and myself. My husband and I really enjoyed the Perkins Thai Noodles.

At Epcot we always find ourselves at Sunshine Seasons witch is a cafeteria style restaurant. They seem to change their menu often but typically have a salad and a few vegan entrees. My kids really enjoy the living with the land ride at Epcot because it’s basically a boat ride through a green house with all their favorite fruits and vegetables!

We did go to Hollywood studios for the first time this year but we packed a lot of food that day. We did have a few Mickey Mouse shaped soft pretzels!! And we have yet to make it animal kingdom.

A few other tips for traveling to Disney World with toddlers are Magic Kingdom is definitely the beat park for toddlers in my opinion and I think Epcot is the second best. The Disney photo pass is so worth the money! They take beautiful pictures and it even includes photos taken on the rides. If you can take a few days off and just hang by the pool because taking toddlers to Disney world is a lot of work! And finally enjoy it and try not stress about getting everything done because your kids are happy just to see that castle!!

Have you ever taken your vegan children to Disney World? If you have anymore questions feel free to ask in the comments!

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