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How Vegan Kids Eat Pizza

Just about every kid in the world loves pizza. And let’s be real just about every adult loves pizza too!! Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza every Friday as a kid, but it does mean you have to do it a little differently.

One way to have vegan pizza is to make your own. My kids love to help make homemade pizza. You can make your own down or buy some pre made dough at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or wherever you shop just make sure the dough is egg and dairy free.

There are many options for vegan cheese follow your heart is my favorite, Daiya is a common one because it’s but free but not my favorite. We actually like to make our pizzas without cheese. My kids like to add tomato sauce, fresh basil and broccoli. There are many different topping you can use. Some different bases you can use are olive oil, pesto, and any variety of tomato sauce.

Of course one reason I love pizza is because I don’t have to cook so I am going to share some of our favorite places to get pizza out.

My kids very favorite pizza restaurant is Blaze Pizza. It’s a fast fire pizza restaurant that has many locations including one at Disney Springs! It’s a fast fire pizza restaurant that offers many vegan toppings and vegan cheese (Daiya). My kids get the same order every time red sauce, broccoli, basil and oregano. I love to get a pizza loaded with a bunch of veggies!! There are so many different combinations that would be good. It has a great atmosphere for children. They also offer sodas made with cane sugar and house made lemonade.

It seems like there are many different fast fire pizza restaurants popping up all over the place and I assume the pizza would be great for vegan kids too!

We also have a local pizza restaurant, Harvest that makes the best vegan pizza! They offer house made vegan cheese and vegan pesto! My kids get a very simple pizza with red sauce and basil at harvest. I love the vegan cheese but my kids like to keep it simple.

There are some options if you want delivery pizza too. Papa johns crust and sauce is vegan and they have many veggie topping to choose from their garlic dipping sauce is also vegan!! Dominos thin crust is vegan and so is their regular sauce. Pizza Hut offers thin crust, hand tossed and pretzel crust that are vegan!! Their rushed tomato pizza sauce is vegan and you can even get the cinnamon sticks just be sure to order no icing!

So there you have it lots of wonderful ways for vegan kids to enjoy pizza, because I believe that being a vegan kid should not mean you have to miss out on any of the joys of childhood!!!!My kids love to get pizza so much and I enjoy all these vegan choices as well!!!

Check out some other places my vegan kids like to eat out here.


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