9 Best Road Trip Snacks for Vegan Kids

Before having kids Chris and I loved road trips! We would never fly anywhere. 8 hour drive no problem, 18hrs was nothing, 24 hour drive let’s do it!! It was like a contest game. We would only stop for gas and run in and use the restroom and try to run back out before the tank was full! It was a fun filled bonding experience meets silly competition testing our open road efficiency!

Now that we have 2 kids things are slighty different, lol. Even a 3hr road trip always leads to one of us asking, “wait, why we are doing again?!?!” It takes a whole lot of planning now and being a vegan family we really have to plan out all our stops, meals and snacks!

So here we go, some of our fave vegan road trip snacks that are also toddler approved!! Every road trip I like to throw in a few new ones just to keep things fun!

1. Raisins-

Raisins are such a great road trip snack!!! They are easy for little kids to hold, they don’t make crumbs all over the place, they are healthy and my kids love them!!!

2. Skinny Pop Mini Cakes-

My kids call them popcorn patties! These are so yummy!!!! They are basically popcorn but in a cute little patty like a rice cake so it’s much less messy!!!                                          —“Pro tip” bring 2 bags if you are driving longer than 3 hours!!

3. Simple Mills Crackers-

We love the sun-dried tomato flavor but they make many other great flavors too! My kids say they taste like pizza!!! And who doesn’t like pizza!! They are both vegan and gluten free and have I mentioned that they taste great!!??

4. Pieces of Fruit-

Any hand fruit is great! Apples, pears, peaches are great because they require no pealing or cutting. We always bring some bananas too but they can get a little messy with toddlers but my kids just love bananas!! Oranges are also a great fruit for road trips!           “Pro tip bonus” grapes are great but super messy and not really a piece of fruit so…..

5. Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks

What kids don’t love fruit snacks?!?! I truly believe they are the wine of childhood but maybe that’s just me and my love for merlot. I love that Annie’s Fruit Snacks are organic and vegan so I don’t feel as bad about my kids eating them.

6. Harvest Snaps-

I personally love these pea snaps and it’s great that my kids love them too. The sea salt ones are vegan but do read ingredients because they have a few flavors that are not.

7. Honest Juice Pouches-

I try to avoid juice boxes and pouches as much as possible in order to cut out some waste, but for road trips these are juice much more convenient. We normally get the apple juice ones but they come in many other great flavors too like berry lemonade!!

8. Bagels with Kite Hill(vegan) Cream Cheese-

Bagels are clutch when you need to replace a meal. We buy our bagels from Whole Foods. Always check to be sure the bagels you buy are vegan because some aren’t. Kite Hill products are amazing!! Many flavors of vegan cream cheese. We enjoy chive!            “Pro tip” Kite Hill also makes vegan ravioli that is sooo wonderful but obviously not for road trips.

9. Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups-

These are a secret snack for mama that the kids don’t know I bring with. If I am going on a road trip with 2 toddlers I need a special treat to keep me sane!!

I will pack all this in a soft side cooler and keep it close so I can give my kids snacks whenever they get bored and keep them happy!!

What are your go to vegan road trip snacks?

Do you take your vegan kids on road trips? If so where?!


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