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Vegan at Noodles and Co. with Kids

I wish that I lived somewhere that had endless amounts of vegan restaurants but unfortunately that is not the case.  We are surrounded by mostly chain restaurants so sometimes we have to imper-vise.


Eating fresh homemade food is always best but sometimes that isn’t an option. We have found that noodles and company is a good quick choice for out family to grab a bite.

There are around 400 Noodles and Co. locations in the U.S. so it is also a option while traveling as well. It’s not exactly fast food but your food is typically ready in 5-8 minutes and much healthier than typical “fast food” joints.

My kids both basically like to get the same thing every time. I always encourage them to try new things but I remind myself that most kids have their thing at each restaurant us parents visit. The Japanese pan noodles dish is vegan as long as you get tofu or ask for nothing as your added protein option. You can modify your order if you’d like, which is always helpful with kids. For example, my kids don’t like mushrooms, so no mushrooms and they shout, “bring on more broccoli please!!” They both love the tofu! Sometimes I have to get an extra side of tofu for them because they love it so much!!

Honestly, I typically get the same dish as them because it’s pretty delicious! If your kids like to keep it simple an easy other option is always spaghetti and marinara which you could also add many different veggies or tofu to. Also you can change the noodles to elbow noodles or something like that if they prefer.

Other vegan options are a tossed green side salad with balsamic vinaigrette, Thai green curry without shrimp(maybe tofu instead), or spicy zucchini peanut sauté without chicken. Zucchini noodles can be used in any dish for a small charge.

As always ask questions to make sure nothing has changed in their ingredients and don’t ever feel bad to make sure your family gets their specific dietary needs!



Hope you enjoy!! Do you take your kids to noodles?! Share in the comments what you enjoy there or what other chain restaurants do you and your family like?!!

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