5 Tips for traveling with vegan kids

My children have both been vegan since birth. At home we have no trouble eating vegan. They still eat the similar food to most other children I just make it vegan. An example is this macaroni and veggie recipe that my kids love and looks just like real homemade macaroni and cheese!

Along with being vegan we also love to travel! Unfortunately traveling with vegan children is not as simple. When you travel as a vegan adult you can be more flexible and less prepared because if you don’t have your favorite food or even have to skip a meal you won’t have a melt down. A 2 and 4 year old is a much different story.

I have put together this list of my tips that I have learned from traveling with two vegan children.

1.Plan, plan, plan-

Traveling takes planning, traveling with children takes more planning, traveling with vegan children takes even more planning.

If you are going on a road trip plan your stops and plan you do some shopping before. If you are going to a resort or on a cruise do some research and even call ahead to see what they have available for vegans.

2. Pack lots of healthy snacks-

My children are always happier when they are snacking. Since it can be hard to find something healthy and vegan in a gas station or an airport store I like to mostly pack my snacks.

I try to make sure I have some of their favorite snacks and a few new snacks they have never had before. Having snacks that they are used is important because young children like consistently. Having snacks they never tried before can give be a fun new adventure even when sitting in traffic or on an airplane.

3. Stay somewhere with a kitchen if possible-

We typically try to stay at a rented house that has or full kitchen or a hotel that has a small kitchen in the room. This way we can either bring food to cook or go shopping when we arrive. There is also the option of having groceries delivered to most places now. If you have a full kitchen you can make your children there favorite food. Another added benefit we have found is that you save money by cooking rather then eating out every meal.

4. Plan your meals out-

One thing many parents look forward too when traveling is not doing all the cooking and dishes. If that’s you then you will want to find some restaurants that are vegan and kid friendly.

Like I said before traveling with children can take a lot of planning. I will typically check out the area that we are traveling too and see what restaurant are around.

I will look for restaurants that I know like chipotle, Noodles and Co., Blaze pizza, and Ben and Jerry’s (for vegan ice cream ofcourse) because I know they will have something for us to eat and that my kids will be happy about.

I also look for new places to try. I will look at the menu and also try to find pictures so I can determine if the atmosphere is good for children. Another great resource is they travel all over to find great vegan food so you can find many vegan restaurants on their site. All the restaurants might not be kid friendly but it’s a good place to look.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions-

When you are at a restaurant tell them you are vegan and ask if they have any suggestions. If they don’t have something on the menu that is vegan many places will make you something special or change something on the menu.

You can also call a restaurant ahead of time and ask them what they might have for you and you kids. If you are staying at a resort or going on a cruise it’s a really good idea to call ahead and let them now that you are a vegan family. Often a cruise will make sure to get food to make you before they leave. Also if you are ever at a Disney World or Disney Land restaurant they are very accommodating if you let them know your dietary needs.

These are the tips that have worked for me while traveling with my vegan babies! Hope they help you on your future trips! What do you do when traveling with vegan children?! Do you have any tips?? I would love to heat them in the comments!


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