Why You Should Start The Switch Witch Tradition in your Family

If you are anything like me you have a love hate relationship with Halloween. I love carving pumpkins with my kids, putting together their costumes, and all the fun decorations!! Every year I try to find a few reasons other then trick-or-treat for my kids to wear there costumes, after all they look adorable in them. We normally attend Boo at the Zoo and the Great Pumpkin Fest at Kings Island!!



But something I don’t like about Halloween is all the CANDY!!! The last thing I need is for my kids to be more hyper then they already are!!

Also being vegan adds a whole different problem with Halloween candy. Anyone who has a kid with diet restrictions or allergies knows where I am coming from.

Enter the Switch Witch…. A magical witch who turns Halloween candy into a toy(s)!!

After trick-or-treat is over have your kids set all of their candy on the front porch and tell them that in the morning their candy will be changed into a toy.

Of course this does mean that you have to go buy your kids more toys. I usually keep it inexpensive by getting them a small toy or even some arts and craft supplies they might need going into the winter. You could even give them something you already planned on buying them like a new winter coat.

My kids get very excited about the switch witch!! And the best part is you can get rid of all of their candy without them being to upset. Instead of adding more candy to your household, because that happens every time you go to a birthday party or even the bank, you add a new fun holiday character to your kids lives.

If you want to get real creative you could even tell your kids to  be good the switch witch will just take your candy and give them no gifts!! Anything to make kids behave, am i right??

As my kids get older I plan on keeping a small amount of candy for them, vegan approved candy of course. I take all the rest of the candy to the retirement home where my Grandma lives, they are always grateful for it! I’m sure there is many other places that you can find to donate candy as well. Or you could keep the candy for yourself!!


This has worked well for our family to avoid sugar highs and fights over non vegan candy. How do you manage Halloween candy in your family?




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